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We make sure that everything we produce is of a consistently high quality so that our readers, our customers and staff can be proud of our work. Whether editorial, design, production or circulation, we want to the name Parsi Teb on any product to be a guarantee of quality. Delivery on client promises is not just good business sense, it is crucial to business survival. We don’t want our customers to be pleased with the products and services of Parsi Teb, we want them to be delighted...

Updated 7 October 2018 by ParsiTeb COO

Parsi Teb Company Projects

Our projects are delivering, and they are delivering where it matters. Parsi Teb projects are accelerating the medicines development process, generating new scientific insights, and developing resources for open use by the research community. Furthermore, some of our projects are already delivering direct benefits to patients. By providing a unique model of collaboration, Parsi Teb projects are laying the foundations that are helping researchers across world, to advance their medical development programmes...

Updated 8 October 2018 by ParsiTeb COO