Parsi Teb Company Investors

Updated 7 October 2018 by ParsiTeb CEO

Our goal is to develop win-win partnerships with all our suppliers for the long-term benefit of both our organisations. If you meet our investment criteria Parsi Teb will invite you to present and discuss the investment proposal following review of your application.

Over the past couple of years, our company continued to expand and many new projects and products were announced, broke ground and opened here in Parsi Teb.

Your commitment to the future of Parsi Teb is important. We can be grateful that we live and work in this part of the country and world. The climate (both natural and business) is attractive, our unemployment rate is still way below the national average, our economy, while not invincible, is still strong and stable, and we have many regional assets that will help to position us favorably well into the future.

We invite you to visit our company website to know more information about Parsi Teb services and connect us if you interested in our projects and products. Also please feel free to ask your questions. Our co-workers ready to give an explanation proudly and with no prospect. Thank you for your interest in supporting Parsi Teb Company.

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