Parsi Teb Company Branches

Updated 7 October 2018 by ParsiTeb COO

We have around hundred colleagues across five locations, working within our commercial business, research and development (R&D), manufacturing, packaging and distribution operations.

Our team is constantly expanding, to cater to the growing demand for our services. With offices nationwide and worldwide, we’re able to cater for those in need in a number of locations.

We understand that each service user and customer is unique. Because of this, our branches are committed to matching services to service user.

Each of our branches caters for those in need around their locale, offering services to those who need it the most. If you or your loved one requires care and support, please get in touch with your local Hales Care branch who will be able to advise you on how we can help.

We know that everyone we engage with—customers, suppliers, and employees—brings diverse perspectives that result in richer creativity and innovation. We respect the diverse, evolving requirements of our global customers.

We want to keep our business on a safe and secure footing for the long-term benefit and protection of our employees. This can only be achieved by running the company in a profitable way.

We believe it is critical to our success that we have a workforce as diverse as the patients, professionals and communities we serve all around the world. Building engaged and inclusive teams that encourage people to share their diverse insights, perspectives and opinions are essential to providing innovative solutions and improved outcomes for the provider and patient. We are a strengths-based organization that embraces unique strengths and experiences, providing employees the opportunity to enhance and grow their talents and enjoy dynamic career opportunities. We acknowledge our differences and celebrate the value that these differences can bring to our lives, our business and our community.

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